Smart Thermostat Remodel San Diego

Smart Tech to Consider for Your Next Home Remodel

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Home remodels have always been a great way to add excitement and creativity within your life and to add new dimensions and value to your home. With the advent of the digital age, smart home technologies have become seamlessly easy to incorporate into all of your respective living spaces in and outside the home.

Built-in smart home features increase your level of comfort at home, convenience, utility efficiency, and investing in certain smart home technologies can drive up the the value of your home and make your investment more valuable. According to a recent study conducted by the home improvement platform Houzz, smart technology integration has become a central priority for homeowners engaged in renovation with 28% of respondents saying that such incorporation and utilization of technology is their main priority in the work that they are attempting to complete. Maximize your efforts and resources and see if some of the smart tech solutions below can be integrated in to your home in your next project!

Smart Thermostat Remodel San Diego

Smart Thermostat

Give your heating and cooling systems a revamp by upgrading to a Smart Thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat brings the future of temperature control right into your home! This innovative system adapts to your preferred temperature and automatically applies it when you’re around. The location-tracking feature automatically updates the thermostat and switches to energy-saving mode when you’re gone. Additionally, you can choose to prioritize certain rooms and set a schedule for temperature change that is unique to your home. The best part? Everything can be controlled directly from your phone, providing extra convenience. Nest also offers a variety of other products including camera and doorbell systems, carbon monoxide monitors, and alarm and locking mechanisms for all sorts of uses.

Smart Home Security

Keep you and your loved ones safe with SimpliSafe, a state-of-the-art smart home security system. Deserving of its two-time win for CNET’s Editors’ Choice for Home Security, the system is set up to protect you in any given situation. Video cameras work around the clock to document any potential intruders while entry and motion sensors ensures that all unprecedented movements are detected. Not only is the system easy to set up, but all features can be controlled from your phone. The SimpliSafe system has a number of back up and failsafe systems built within its platform: From deep encryption of signals, to multiples monitoring systems, to a 24 hour back up power protection mechanism the platform is full of safeguards to keep your home safe. As a bonus, the company also provides alerts for fires, gas leaks, and floods.

Smart Assistant San Diego Remodel

Home Automation

Imagine having an assistant 24/7 – that is what the Amazon Echo provides for you. This smart personal assistant answers to the name “Alexa,” and can perform simple functions such as play music and deliver news, or you can update her skill sets by updating your preferences in the Skills section of the Alexa app.

Another home automation device, Google Home, is a voice-activated speaker in the vein of the Amazon Echo but with the underlying power of Google data. With Google Home you are able to manage your schedule and respective to-do list, and control a variety of devices within your home easily and efficiently. You can address the device with inquiries and receive intelligent responses back in real-time.

Smart Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for everything, making it one of the primary focuses of home renovation. The Philips Hue Smart Home Lighting is the latest advancement in lighting technology, featuring five different systems that accommodate to all your needs.  These ingenious bulbs enable you to efficiently adjust the ambiance of multiple rooms with just a tap of your Smart Control or by using your voice. Though the price tag on these exceed regular light bulbs, rest assured that your investment is lucrative as they are designed to last much longer than traditional bulbs and are more energy efficient. Lastly, Philips Hue Smart Lighting voice command will work with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Cortana, making your transition seamless.

Smart Speakers

Impress your guests with Sonos One, the ultimate home sound system. This nifty device produces premium quality sounds, can be paired with other Sonos devices for instant stereo sounds, and responds to voice commands. Pair it Amazon’s Alexa for the most convenient setup. The Sonos systems incorporates music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Ply and Sirius XM and can also be paired with stereos accordingly. Sonos One is also resistant to humidity and can be utilized in outdoor areas and bathrooms and with a power source and Wi-Fi connection the possibilities are endless!

Smart Lock

The Smart Lock by startup firm August is a door lock mechanism that allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere and allows you to grant access to individuals you designate access to. With the Smart Lock you are also able to track passerby traffic through the user of the dedicated smartphone app. Smart Lock is able to work in conjunction with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google assistant so that you have the freedom to manage your security on the go at your convenience. The Smart Lock knows when you arrive based on the signal on your respective device and unlocks your door as you approach so that the process of using keys is made obsolete. The Smart Lock also features two-factor authentication and also two-layer encryption by utilizing Bluetooth Energy to ensure maximum protection and safety. The Smart Lock is able to work with an existing deadbolt and is able to be installed effortlessly on the inside of the door of your home.

Stel Builders is here to help with any and all of your questions about integrating smart home technologies into your home. Please contact us to get started today.