The Stel Builders Process

We do our homework before even stepping foot inside your home – our team of professionals gathers detailed information about your home, including property and zoning stipulations and restrictions before we meet. During our initial consultation, we work with clients to understand their unique needs, and we provide ideas, sketches, cost ranges and a bevy of images from previously completed projects that may be similar in nature.

We think of this initial process as a funnel – starting at the top with a number of relevant ideas that will ultimately be fine-tuned and streamlined to create a custom design.

Once the details are agreed upon, we begin a marathon; not a sprint. As experts in our field, we know that pacing ourselves through a project is the most efficient way to reach the finish line, on time and in budget.

Our unique selections process using an in-house Interior Designer to help with material and product selections utilizes the most up to date showrooms in town; our suppliers! In order to save you money, we do not have materials on display within our offices. We feel that this would not only cost money initially and for the space needed, but become rapidly out of date, limiting in options, and constantly needing replacement. We walk showrooms with you to make sure you see the appropriate options before making decisions.

The construction industry is one of the last American made products that is built on site and by hand. In a typical remodeling project there can be between 10 and 35 different crews of workmen all with exacting standards and tasks, which is why skilled craftsman like this need time to perform their tasks. At Stel Builders, this is why we do not use a single crew to perform the work, but utilize specialty trades; there are just too many details that cannot be mastered by one single crew or person.

With the help of precise project management from our staff, all of our departments being on the same page with multiple in-office meeting prior to job starts, as well as a deep understanding of the residential remodeling process, we are able to complete projects for our clients well ahead of industry standard time frames.

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