Holiday Hosting is a Great Time to Create a Remodel Wishlist

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Planning a Holiday Remodel Wishlist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season always comes up so quickly, and everyone’s calendars are already getting filled with family gatherings and parties with friends. Entertaining is fun, but it’s so much better when your home is comfortable and welcoming for guests. The festivity of the holidays makes it easy to decorate. And if you’re already considering a home remodel, it can be a great time to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in your space. Here are some ways to get your home holiday-ready so you can enjoy the true meaning of the season. The holidays are meant to be stress-free, right? 


Making your kitchen guest-friendly 

guest friendly kitchen remodel

During the holidays, the kitchen is the most important space. Cooking, cleaning, drinking, and chatting all take place in the same room. It’s extra important to have your kitchen in good shape before having guests over. Storage and functionality are so important to a great kitchen and that they make it easy navigate the room. Installing glass-front cabinets or open shelves allows guests to find kitchen items without having to ask. For those family members and friends who love helping you clean, it allows them to feel more comfortable putting the dishes away. Having trash and recycling bins in convenient areas makes it much easy for guests to help keep everything clean throughout the evening.

Maximizing space in a kitchen can be difficult, especially when there are so many guests over. Consider adding out-of-the-way seating, like a window seat or a bench for your kitchen table. Built-in seating often adds extra storage for your kitchen as well. Having lots of counterspace so multiple cooking projects can be done at once can change the way you prepare meals forever. Adding an island or bar can be the perfect way to add a little more counterspace to a kitchen. Taking down a wall may be the answer to opening up the floorplan so your kitchen can flow into the other rooms. Kitchen remodels have benefits that go on all year. 

Lighting is also vital to a kitchen. Overhead lights are great way to provide lighting. Adding pendant lights over a bar area can add a little extra light and comfort to a space. Having a fireplace or a wood-burning stove is a unique way to create warmth and light in a kitchen. Start with figuring out what can be updated in your kitchen, and then add some fun details to make the room more comfortable and guest-friendly. 


Having a space to keep everyone entertained 


Whether it’s a play area for the kids, or a room where you football crazed family can watch the game, having an extra room for people to gather and be entertained adds more space to your home and allows guests to make themselves comfortable. Having a great bar area can be convenient and inviting and allows family and friends to help themselves to drinks. A pool table, home theatre, or game room makes entertaining easy and can be functional in any season. It makes your home perfect for hosting and guests are guaranteed to give you compliments on your fun setup. 

Making an entertainment room can be simple. Adding cozy couches, a large tv, and speakers are easy fixes. Light dimmers can help create different moods for the space. Even outdoor spaces can serve this function. Just add a few space heaters, some comfortable outdoor furniture, and several soft blankets for guests to stay warm. An entertainment room is perfect for fun nights with lots of guests, or even a chill evening watching movies and enjoying each others’ company. 


Creating the space for everyone to gather 

home remodel space to gather

When it comes to entertaining, creating an open floorplan is key to making guests feel comfortable. A design where the layout flows from one room to the next allows guests to feel connected, whether they’re in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. You won’t feel cramped and it’s easier for people to gather. Small upgrades can liven up a room without breaking the bank. Add a focal point for the space, whether it’s a cozy fireplace, custom built-in shelves, or a gallery wall. This creates a sense of “home” and adds comfort to the space. Consider upgrading features like flooring or wall paint, and adding some fresh lighting fixtures to set the mood for your home. 

Having seating options that can be easily moved really comes in handy, too. Kitchen or dining room chairs that can be pulled up to accommodate for extra guests allows everyone to enjoy the same room. Adding decorative pillows and blankets makes your seating seem extra inviting. A rug with texture has the same effect. These features will create charm in your space that will last year-round. 


Creating an entryway to make everyone feel welcomed 


First impressions mean everything, right? Creating that welcoming feeling from the moment your guests step in the door allows them to appreciate your hospitality and allows you to set the mood for the rest of the evening. A foyer or entryway can be a great place for guests to store keys, purses, coats, scarves, or other winter layers so they can enjoy the warmth of your home. Have hooks, a bench, or cabinet for family and friends to store their items. It can serve the same purpose for your family all year. 

Adding a charming front door, comfortable lighting, and wall art or a mirror can open up the space and creates a welcoming entrance. Painting the door a bold color can also be a fun way to liven up the space. Invite your guests inside with an area rug that fills the space to create texture and soften up the entrance area. The foyer or entryway allows guests to feel comfortable from the moment they step into your house to the moment they step out.  

Ready to get started on your remodeling? We would love to help your renovation wish list come to life. Bring your ideas to us so we help you come up with a design plan that suits your home and your needs. If you’re still planning make sure to check out our guide on planning a remodel