Is an Open Floor Plan Right for You? Three Questions to Ask Yourself before Tearing down Walls.

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1. Does your space feel cramped?

Yes? Taking down walls and opening up rooms to each other will make your space feel bigger, especially if you don’t have the finances or the property to add square footage to your home. It can also potentially let in more natural light.

No? Too much open space can make a home feel cavernous and cold instead of cozy and warm. Plus, if you have to remove a load-bearing wall, it can be quite costly. There is also the potential increase in your heating/cooling bill.

2. Do you like to socialize while cooking?

Yes? Say you’re in the kitchen in charge of making dinner, an open floor plan lets you still feel part of the conversation happening in the living room. Guests can join you near the kitchen without crowding you. If you have children, you can watch them do their homework or play.

No? An open floor plan can also open up distractions from other areas in the house. Rooms allow for privacy and relative quiet for when you need to be alone and focus.

3. Do you like to hide mess?

Yes? Because let’s face it, we don’t always have time to clean as much as we would like to, and until we can find time, mess can be visually stressful. Having the ability to hide messes in one area of the house can bring relief.

No? Perhaps, mess doesn’t bother you and creates that comfy lived-in feel. Or if you don’t have the constant reminder that there’s a mess, you’ll never get around to cleaning it. Maybe the question is irrelevant because you stay on top of cleaning, so there is no mess to hide.

Open floor plans are popular right now, but that does not necessarily mean they are right for you. Choose a floor plan that best fits your lifestyle and you’ll be happier in the long run.