Seth Larson

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Seth Larson
President CAPS, CGBP, CGR

“Seeing an idea transform from a simple design on the computer to reality in someone’s home is an amazing feeling, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had.” -Seth Larson

Seth was born into the residential remodeling industry as his father, Gary Larson, began his adventure in the business in 1965 and had worked as a licensed contractor in California since 1980. Seth’s father took pride in teaching all three of his sons the intricacies of the industry by working hands-on with them in the field.

Following closely in his father’s footsteps, Seth got started as an apprentice at the ripe young age of 12. By 18, he was running his own four-man crew and had taken his training to a new level. Throughout college, Seth studied architecture, drafting, design and even real estate appraisal which only fed his passion more. It is no doubt that residential remodeling is in his blood, and his passion for great design coupled with in-depth knowledge of zoning, coastal commission, property taxes (and exemptions), building records, as well as investment and financing makes him a unique and valuable player in the industry.

He is an avid SCUBA diver, private pilot and real estate investor.