Jonathan Ramirez-Torrero

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Jonathan Ramirez-Torrero
Project Coordinator

“Jump into the middle of things, get your hands dirty, fall flat on your face, and then reach for the stars”

-Ben Stein

I moved to San Diego, at age 18. I started architecture school at Southwestern Community College, from which I transferred my educational credentials to the Newschool of Architecture and Design. Following graduation, I was offered work at a planning and engineering firm, for which I collaborated in the development of master planning projects. After feeling the urge for a more field-oriented experience, I decided to join forces in the design/build community, for which I started as a project coordinator and transition to managing a small crew in the commercial sector of the industry.

When construction work gradually began to decrease, I transitioned into the residential sector and
began work by drawing for an architect and designing for a contractor. It was during that time where I met my future wife and now, mother of my first child.

Still remaining in the same sector of work, I then decided to join Stel Builders and began work as their Architectural Designer. It is here, where the opportunity of working closely with clients and our interdisciplinary office staff, morphs a design into a single architectural expression. Rarely do I adhere to a particular style of architecture, but rather focus on designing site specific solutions that bring into context, the client’s desires.

The unique opportunity of carrying out an idea, big or small, from a conceptual sketch into a physical space, is what drives me as a professional and what keeps me on my toes every morning.