Cory Reiten

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Cory Reiten
Project Manager

Cory’s career in architecture and construction started at Point Loma Nazarene University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Interior Design with an emphasis in Construction Technology. He is constantly honing his skills on residential renovations and managing teams of architects, designers, and engineers. He develops close relationships with our trade partners and is equally comfortable with both traditional and modern designs.Cory has worked for general contractors and homeowners on a number of commercial and high-end residential projects. His past positions include: Design and Construction Manager for Westberg + White, Inc. Architects and Planners, a dynamic architectural practice that strives to be on the pioneering edge of creativity, technology, service, and uniqueness, and Project Manager and Sales Executive for Crown, a leading manufacturer and builder. In pursuit of his passion for sustainability, Cory also started VinCore Architectural Reclaimed Materials, which
prides itself in preserving the authentic heritage of old structures and vintage barns by dismantling and giving them new life in modern construction projects.An experienced team leader with strong communication and building skills, Cory has a history of providing excellent service, which as a result, has led to continued client satisfaction
and long-term relationships. He balances his professional life with family, travel, surfing, fishing, snowboarding, and skiing. His extensive national and international travel experiences have combined many of these elements into unforgettable moments over the years.